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Do you know Burundi in the past, today and tomorrow ?

Lundi, 04 janvier 2010 a 20:30 GMT, Par l 'équipe burundi image

First and foremost, whoever loves Burundi and wishes Burundi had a good future should understand that it has always been appreciated and if you analyse the country, the finding is that people’s customs are not far different from those you may probably have met in different parts of Africa. This proves that human beings have liked its soil and have wanted to remain there permanently. This also shows that Burundians have always been free and it brought about similarities (in terms of customs) between Burundians and other people of the region. People who want to live in Burundi may have been attracted by Burundi fresh air, its environment which allows life to become easy because, it is obvious that Burundi soaks up rivers, lakes and wonderful forests. From Burundi inland arise marshes with clean water , which is of paramount importance in human life. You should know that Burundi of yesterday was worth staying in, today’s Burundi and tomorrow’s should also remain good.

So as this to be possible, it requires whoever, Burundi citizen or friend of Burundi, to do whatsoever possible to protect or contribute to the protection of its wonderful environment (wildlife and flora) and to safeguard peace, to stand for Burundi development in so working hard without forgetting to contribute (this is concerned with Burundi friends) so as the development can be sustainable.

If you are a proponent of the justice, characterized by dignity based on the respect of human beings and their freedom, and further the will to strengthen good governance based on true democracy, Burundi will be well-known from inside through the world.

This will be possible if there is union between Burundians and their friends as well, in unfailing love based on patriotism.

It is well-known in Kirundi that dawn is the end of a day and, sunrise is the beginning of another day. An elapsed day is counted in the past but the history of a country is not daily written down. In this respect, the news web site www.burundiimage is a picture of Burundi in its past and portrays Burundi before the unique rule ( Before the reign of the first King NTARE RUSHSATSI CAMBARANTAMA ) , the monarchy, the monarchy comprising the government of Patriots, the monarchy embracing democracy ( between the period of Independence and the first Republic).

Today’s Burundi begins with the first Republic (which was a result of a bloody event) up to now in which anti democratic powers or leaders, who considered democracy as a brute, have been observed. Your web site www.burundiimage is astonished by the fact whoever is struggling for the power pretends to be fond of democracy, but once reaches the power, engages in fighting against it through arbitrary imprisonment, selecting personal advisers characterized by embezzlement , exclusion and violation of human rights.

Today’s Burundi is a Burundi on a journey from darkness to daylight as a bird flying to where it can find something to live on. When Burundi reaches the daylight it will be where Burundians and friends want it to be, where ‘NTARE RUGAMBA, Louis RWAGASORE and Pierre NGENDANDUMWE wanted to lead Burundi. Where is that? It is in the future of Burundi; that is a Burundi in which citizens live in mutual respect, manage the country without persecuting and imprisoning anothers, a Burundi in which democracy is not only respected but also the mother for all citizens. That is a country characterized the rule of law, with really respected borders and with exemplary security boards both in the respect of human rights and bravery like NTARE RUGAMBA who fought for the country and protected its natural regions such as IMBO, MUMIRWA, MUGAMBA, BUTUTSI, BUYENZI, BUYOGOMA, MOSO, BWERU, BUGESERA, BURAGANE, KIRIMIRO and some others which may have been attached to other countries such as BUGUFI and a part of BUHA. This bravery has also characterized our ancestors when they were fighting against ‘RUMARIZA’ who was known as Muhamed Ibn Khalfan and “RUGEREKA”. The same bravery has been seen when the King MWEZI GISABO privileged talks which resulted in the Kiganda treaty. The outcomes of the treaty enabled Burundians to keep on managing their own political affairs even though Germans had forcefully taken power after a hard war waged against Burundians.

Your web site www.burundiimage formally launches activities on 4th january2010 and promises to always provide you with reliable information on Burundi and what haunts Burundians. Whenever you will have something to tell , send a message through is your web site, a web site for everyone and striving for everyone’s information.