Mafia the highest sphere in Burundi ( BCB Future victim)

Updated 14 February 2014

On 28 January 2014 someone named NIYONZIMA Alexander was arrested by the National Intelligence Service on suspicion of being involved in the act of embezzlement at the Bank. Name only facilitated his access to this amount to estimate $ 1,500 as the first successful test mafia after using force for a long time .

But who is this NIYONZIMA Alexander who cracked the Bank during the day without anyone the surprise? Mr. Alexander NIYONZIMA is a Burundian who lived in the United States of America for some time and had to be reminded by Mr. Nkurunziza to help him in some cases complicates the presidency. Our pastor at the head of the country, hope that the country will be saved by miracles that fall from the sky if it rains or snows, it forgetfulness Burundian adage << IMANA IFASHA UWIFASHIJE >> God saves those who want to be saved. . It is in this context that he is mistaken by calling from United States of America NIYONZIMA Alexander his friend to give him some advice for the presidency in order to properly govern the country to seek a third term in 2015.

The case mafia has been unveiled to some who did not know from the relatives of Mr. Nkurunziza NIYONZIMA when Alexander had received a sign to get an amount of $ 1,500 from his living relatives abroad via Western Union transfer. The step of the mafia begins. It will search for documents on behalf of NIYONZIMA Alexander. He put aside his own name Niyonsaba Cédric for identity NIYONZIMA. The question is that who makes all these approaches till to get these documents by free in less than a day while a Burundian passport now costs more than 235,000 BIF not to mention tips that gives some officers in charge of monitoring the delivery of services to this prestigious paper Police Air , Border and Foreigners (PAFE ) . This native of the District of Jabe common Bwiza in Bujumbura city and former student of the International University Malaysia who later deserted to go to Europe. Here, his first action beginning his mafia career . Since the Netherlands (Holland) Mr. Cédric Niyonsaba was extradited for having infiltrated in a European country and provide access to stay there illegally. Arrival in Burundi, he seeks a group that meets its requirements, here with a few frames of the National Intelligence Service in Bujumbura. These one advising him to invest in CNDD -FDD party after 2007, for more discretion thing that was made . This young Tutsi Jabe Area today without a stable address is either Asian or the District Municipality Kinindo Kibenga neighborhood was someone very bright since his primary school to university. In connivance with some senior members of the intelligence service, Mr. Cédric has been the sponsor of several acts of mafia without appears on stage.

By that date, he was arrested by same persons from the intelligence service to have the cudgel Bank and give him $ 1,500 belonging to Mr. Alexander NIYONZIMA who is in Presidency . He was incarcerated in the communal prison of Buyenzi where there should leave after answering questions from the police in possession of the file. But a big surprise arrives from someone of the national documentation very attached to the presidency of the republic named Desire when he interrupts normal procedures he explains that this gentleman is a member of the ruling party and he had in his possession papers justifying great contributions of Mr Cédric done within the ruling party . He was released from prison Wednesday, February 5, 2014 when Burundi hardly celebrated the feast of national unity without even repay the stolen amount of $ 1500. He said boldly out of the prison of Buyenzi he later sought to return this amount to the owner. Thing that has surprised more than one.

Today 02.12.2014 two others (a Ugandan and Nigerian) just arrived in Bujumbura to strengthen the team fo Mr Cédric well divert a huge amount of more than $ 350,000 to the Credit Bank of Bujumbura (BCB).

These techniques fly in Banks, come to Burundi to replace muscular others who had been held strongly by persons not yet identified by the competent courts of Burundi. Here we only mention two recent cases memories of Burundians who quickly forget:

1) You may recall that last an agency BANCOBU Bank Asia quarterin Bujumbura the last year had been attacked in full morning without anyone knowing what is happening. A huge amount is stolen without interventions.

2) Another branch of the same Bank in Matane Bururi province was the target at the same time which is obviously a set-up of senior executives but the authors remain unidentified.

Here the victims are young people who put their trusts in banks is saying that their money would be safe without knowing that they expose them to greater risks in a country like Burundi where today's mafia groups work directly with those who need to track without all times about these police monitoring these Banks overnight languishing in prisons today is saying that they were complicit in the various fly occurring in Banks.

According to our sources close to the Burundian intelligence services also confirmed by members of the CNDD FDD always keep the identity of the party until 2007, the team is already in activity that leaves early next week BCB is a victim of these barbaric acts organized by a group of thugs sponsored by some senior executives SNR Burundi in collaboration with a group at the head of which Cédric Niyonsaba and three Ugandan and Nigerian. This group would have found someone that will give a Burundian passport,and a visa of Dubai amounting to over $ 6,000 after two simultaneous actions to be launched next week in the same Bank (BCB). They plan to share this with their head above amount of SNR after the success of the coup.

As there is no need to report to intelligence skills in Burundi and although it is reported there will be no reaction, like this steals $ 1,500 that has surprised Mr. Alexander NIYONZIMA Presidency and many other cases such as these fly the aforementioned Banks, our faithful worthy sources often prefer to inform the public to be cautious instead of informing services skills finally that this case could be like so many others Dismissed such as information on time of last shot at Bujumbura airport, revelation eliminate some teachers of Secondary Technical School Kamenge (ETS Kamenge) and so on …

We warn the BCB that forewarned is forearmed .