Updated 17 octobrer 2013

According to a secret report by the National Intelligence Service released subject to fluctuation in a very conversation between Nicolas JENKINS, Chief Security Officer Great Lakes and NDAYISHIMIYE Donatien, Adviser to the National Intelligence Service (SNR), it appears that General Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA is considered Bloodthirsty and a persona non grata on American soil.

The purpose of this meeting held at the residence Ubuntu in Bujumbura focused on two points, namely:

- To convince Americans to break with conventional wisdom, supported by some hostile environments in power in Bujumbura;
-The eventuality Collaboration with the CIA.

About the American perception towards the SNR , Officer Nicolas Jenkins said the General of the National Intelligence Service Director , General Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA is accused of a lack of respect for human rights in the exercise of its functions. The explanations of the representative of the National Intelligence Service under which this reputation he was stuck by nostalgic former Tutsi regime which did not support the changes in our country and in which General Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA played a decisive role have not stood in front of the CIA Officer. He indicated that Americans will never work effectively with the SNR as long as the General Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA remains at the head of this service. He returned to the case of targeted political killings, torture, intimidation of any kind, arbitrary and abusive imprisonment, daily kidnappings, coarse fixtures, ct ...

He added that the American Embassy in Burundi is not causing the filing of senior officials of the National Intelligence Service. According to him, these individuals are in the crosshairs of the international community following the various UN reports, the American having pure and simply aligned its position with those of the United Nations Embassy. The American officer think that the staff of the SNR is mostly formed by "Imbonerakure" and NDAYISHIMIYE Donatien argue that Westerners in general and the U.S. Embassy in Burundi in particular are intoxicated by different sectors of the opposition and Civil society does not stop them believe that the SNR Burundi consists of an incompetent staff, mostly recruited from the "Imbonerakure." In the words of the American officer, NDAYISHIMIYE Donatien notes that some frames of the National Intelligence Service feed diplomatic circles.

As for the collaboration between the SNR and the CIA, Mr. Gilbert Bulange, Director of Foreign Intelligence For several years, regular contact with the Americans. His contact is Officer MILLER, the CIA officer based in Bujumbura. It is clear that in all these years, no remedial action has been undertaken to strengthen our collaboration with the American intelligence services. Americans do not find in him a reliable although obviously it is not stingy with contact information. Mr. Donatien NDAYISHIMIYE concludes by offering to the Office of the National Intelligence Service to be vigilant for the Foreign Intelligence Service and actually works to defend the country's interests.

In the end, we note in passing that the boss of the National Intelligence Service has now moved to his office in particular cabaret IWABO N’ABASIGAYE at Kamenge and 144 at Kinindo. All hearings are in these places.