Updated 22 May 2014

Rumours are the cause of many Burundians to be killed and fled their country from long time ago that was the main point in the president of Burundi's speech on the 17th May 2014 in Kirundo province. «...we noticed that from long time ago some of Burundian people are specialist in the habit of causing troubles by stirring up citizens. That bad habit does not start today, it dated from long time ago and that caused some of the Burundians to become fatherless and widows. Regarding to that issue, in the meeting held by the President with the population of Kirundo province, the former urged the President to institute a law which will punish those who will stir up...» because that brought stir between citizens.

The president of Burundi agreed with them that within one month that law will carrying out. Those who will be accused by the law, he promised them that they will be punished according to the gravity of their deeds. He added that this is a period of peace not that of disturbance or disorder. That is why he said the one who will switch on fire he repeats this,whoever will switch on the fire will be the first one to be burnt by it; that fire will burn first his household and it will be extinguished at the same house. The one who will be the source of the problem will be the first one to undergo the consequences.

This is the reason why we came to tell you that in the level of security,soldiers,police,secret service regarding to the law they will work together to fight against whoever stirs up Burundian people, he will be catched and be sentenced. If we analyse PETER NKURUNZIZA'speech, on his behalf, Burundi has been destroyed by rumours.There is no such thing that the gouvernment can kill people. He liked to say that his father has been killed in 1972. But the question is this, was he killed by rumours or the leaders of that time? What about those who are thrown in the rivers!!! Are they killed by the rumours ? We do not deny that there is a certain number of people who are killed by rumours it is obvious for some of those who are working in level of security especially regarding to the secret service by killing those who are not sharing thoughts with the former.

Here we do not forget to mention those who are distributing the weapons and giving military trainings to the CNDD-FDD members called “ Imbonerakure”, other false accusations are formulated in the president's office(as he liked to say about switch on fire but he forgot that the same fire is always switch on by his fellows). That is the reason why PETER CLAVERT MBONIMPA the leader of those who are in jail and Human Right was put in jail at Mpimba on the 16th may2014. The president in his speech in Kirundo province regarding to the new law which he said that he was asked by the population of Kirundo is like a way which he wants to use to shut up Burundians and to bilittled his opponents. However, he will eager to put in practice that law within 1 month voted or not with the parliaments and senators whom he emphasized are like his tools. In conclusion, those who heard his way of speaking except those who are like beggers for others he was just boasting, that was not a speechit was terrorism. It is over, now in Burundi regarding to democracy and freedom of expression none will back-up that.