Updated 09 january 2015

This Thursday, 08/01/2015, the two opposing parts of UPD-ZIGAMIBANGA ( Union for peace and development) represented in one side by ZEDI Feruzi recognized by the interior Ministry and the other represented by Chauvineau MUGWENGEZO not recognized by the same ministry, met after receiving the letter if encouragement and praise when this good political will was recommended by the roadmap signed by the entire political class of Burundi assisted by the international community.

By this congratulatory letter No. 699/No01/2015 the Minister NDUWIMANA Edouard addressed to both parties, in order to support their programs to celebrate the reunification.

10/01/2015, he mentioned that his office will be represented by his adviser in charge of political parties Mr. BIMENYIMANA Nestor. Although, the interior Ministry and UDP-Zigamibanga party showed the area to converge facing this salutory opportunity of the wings to finally reunite after so much speculations, at the CNDD-FDD headquarters based in Ngangara, the atmosphere was different; by our internal networks to the presidential party, we learned that one of its vice president namely Mr. BURIKUKIYE Victor lost his temper after hearing the news od the reunification of UPD-ZIGAMIBANGA. After a while, in the phone he said:"HAMWE UWO MUGAMBWE WOKWIYUNGA TWOBA TUGOWE" meaning "if UPD-ZIGAMIBANGA reunites, it will be very unfortunate for us. That's it!" 4 hours after the signing of the letter, probably after the injunctions of his party, we learned that the Minister has just changed his position, claiming that 19/22 if the executive committee of ZEDI Feruzi are against the reunification, he then judges inopportune for UPD-ZIGAMIBANGA to hold a national congres. As against that filtered data, the political staff of the wing ZEDI Feruzi proves that this figure od 19/22 is rather the figure if those who are in favor of the reunification. Meanwhile ZEDI, Chauvineau and their members remain committed despite the maneuvers of the ruling party.

Writers of Burundi Image say to the specific case that the ruling party,by its leadership weaknesses, causes too much disturbance without worrying about the disqualification of the interior Minister to both national and international community.