Peter Nkurunziza IS DETERMINED to run for a THIRD PRINCIPAL

Updated 4 octobrer 2013

Reliable sources close to both the CNDD-FDD party confirmed in writing the website Peter Nkurunziza is determined more than ever to run for a third term, rain snow. He even decided to physically remove anyone who would be an obstacle to his plan, because he says it will not be the first to shed blood.Political parties who still doubt in this information should make strategies accordingly instead of staying in unnecessary doubts as Nkurunziza will not shrink from its plan to run for third term.

In order to avoid any obstacles that come from the international community, it is expected that the Burundian state will finance its self the 2015 elections. This funding will come from the various other contracts to be awarded to individuals and companies close to the authorities, in particular: ZTE, Burundi Port services, Afritextile Bujumbura (ex-COTEBU), sugar company Moso (SOSUMO), the company cement production (Buseco), BRARUDI, mobile telecommunications companies among other Leo Burundi, Smart and so many other ways. Long prepared, this plan is strongly supported by the General Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA, the General Director of National Intelligence Services (SNR). There is another important support to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Constitutional Courts as members of these bodies are indeed acquired its course. It will also not be ruled out electoral fraud via the National Identity Card.

For the moment, he takes care strategies for electoral fraud based on the map of single electoral vote. However, concerns about internal chicanery to CNDD-fdd abound. We cite in particular the case of Bujumbura Mairie, Ngozi, Kayanza, Makamba, Cibitoke and elsewhere, where it is losing a lot of members in favor of the opposition political parties especially UPD-Zigamibanga led Chauvineau MUGWENGEZO. For fear of his third bid for the presidential race contested by the international community and by the consequences of flawed diplomatic relations, foreign aid downgraded, Peter NKURUNZIZA plans to strengthen bilateral relations with emerging countries of Asia, Arab countries and those of South America (South-South cooperation).

About a rumor widely circulated in recent days showing the replacement of the current first vice president in the person of Terence Sinunguruza, relatives of President Peter Nkurunziza confirm this information. They add that the President of UPRONA party, the Honourable Charles NDITIJE just suggested it in his correspondence submitted to the President of the Republic during his recent decent Bururi province took between 25 and 28,September,2013.

The same sources said that in the wake of the delay of replacement is due to the fact that the president is preparing a cabinet reshuffle in which he provides for the merger of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security. Minister Eduard NDUWIMANA risk of being fired while General Alain Guillaume Bunyoni will be given the chair of the new department.